ForgeRock IRM Summit 2014, Dublin

November 12, 2014, sngeza

Last week we attended the European summit for Identity Relationship Management (which (IRM) is not just a new, fancier name for Identity and Access Management (IAM) as it turns out, but more. Some quick notes:

First of all, Ludo has a concise summary of the two and a half days here: Ludo’s Blog. Him being a photo enthusiast too, there are pictures too. Can you find us on one of them?

My personal favourite presentation was Ian Glazer’s (Salesforce) contemplating whether we already have a round wheel. Interesting topics, great presentation style, unconventional slides. He also introduced the next logical step after person, organizationalPerson, inetOrgPerson. It is of course hipsterOrgPerson Barbara Jensen!

I made a note to myself to check out Juju, a config management tool for the cloud era. We saw a demo too.

Also encapsecurity and their multi factor authN with TouchID. Among the technical details we also got to learn that “it’s not your attribute if you’re not born with it”, i.e. “you are not your phone”.

And at night @xmlgrrl was singing and @jonibrennan played the flute.

Thanks, organizers, see everyone next year.